Sunday, May 15, 2011

Republicans Lie with Good Intentions:

15 MAY 2011
The Politicians on the Right lie for the best of reasons—love of country—but lies are lies, nonetheless.

Over the Past Week, we’ve heard Republicans speak on the budget, the oil industry, and the economy. As their lies have been repeated, each one gets easier and easier to say.

But They’re Still Lies...

What Gets Blamed on the Current Administration and on the Democratic Party is what’s called “circumstantial evidence” in the legal system. For example, high petroleum prices result from unrest in the Arab nations—the “Arab Spring”—and are about to turn back around. But it makes a convenient and easy spear to chuck at President Obama and the Democrats.

What a Way to Treat Your Country in challenging times like these...

If You Want to Score Political Points with Stuff like This, you keep selling it. And the Tea Party folks keep chugging it down.

But It’s Still a Big Lie...

Just Think What this Country Could Do if we ever decide to work together again, instead of all this ideological dishonesty disguised as a deficiency of common sense.

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