Friday, December 23, 2011

America: Dictatorship or Compromise?

23 DECEMBER 2011
In Forms of Government, you can have dictatorship, gridlock, or compromise. (Gridlock equals a dictatorship by the minority. Compromise is rule by the majority, with protection of the minority.)

A pledge not to raise taxes equals a dedication to the art of “Cut and Spend” government. The efforts of the Tea Party Republican’s to impose their minority ideology on the rest of us constitutes dictatorship by gridlock.

Our representative democracy can’t afford a government dictatorship by gridlock.

America Can’t Afford a Continuation of Republican
 “Cut and Spend” Government.

In 1789, the American people, having won our freedom from dictatorship through our Revolution, voted for a government of compromise.

In 2012, we, the people, will get to vote for a government of compromise once again.

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