Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Energy Independence Is a Myth:

14 MARCH 2012
Because Oil Is a Commodity, its price reflects the world markets. Thus, high gas prices have little to do with how much oil we drill, drill, drill here at home.

If American companies drill more oil here at home, does anyone really believe that they will sell their product here at home for a lower price?

The Greatest Limitation on our American “capitalist” system is that hardly any of us really know how capitalism really works. Adam Smith wrote the book: you probably haven’t read it.

“Free markets” means that we all seek the lowest costs (e.g., Chinese labor) and we all sell to the highest bidder.

The only energy that cannot be exported to the highest bidder is the kind of alternative energy that the Greens dream of.

“Green” Energy is nowhere close to viable, as far as current technologies and costs are concerned.

But once established—whether as solar or wind power or some other form—its product won’t be exportable to the highest bidder abroad.

When it Comes to New Technologies
—such as the Intercontinental Railroad or the Internet or the NASA space program—government provides the powerful seeds that give private industry the opportunity to grow America forward.

To Lower Our Energy Costs, we need energy forms that can’t be exported. Anything else—such as “energy independence”—is a myth.

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