Saturday, January 12, 2013

Name-Change Wanted: “Republicans Aside”?

12 January 2013

In Last Week’s Issue of Time magazine, Michael Grunwald wrote the following:
“The checks and balances in our political system were designed to encourage consensus instead of partisan warfare; if Senate Republicans had decided to work with [President] Obama in his first term instead of fighting him, they could have helped shape Obamacare and other Democratic legislation.”*

While No American Adult would expect that a bill as complex as Obamacare to arrive as full-born, perfect law, it is reasonable to expect that all political sides would offer constructive guidance toward improving such a bill.

Instead, Congressional Republicans, in seeming discord with their oaths of office, kept any such guidance to themselves. In oddly childish manner, they opted to reserve the right to say, “We told you so,” rather than to work to improve the law for the Nation they surely would each claim to love.

This Blog’s Title, Ideology Aside, reflects a desire to help bridge our long-standing ideological divide. But when that divide becomes entrenched by the kind of uncompromising ideology that we’ve seen from Congressional Republicans since our current President first took office, it becomes disingenuous to pretend that the malevolence of uncompromising ideology does not hold America’s future hostage to the minority.

Quite a While Back, the GOP took a detour into a ditch that admits no arguments of reason, and that will admit no substantive compromise. Mr. Grunwald’s example of Obamacare gives evidence to this point.

In his Time article, Mr. Grunwald provides other examples, such as the near-complete blockage of every nomination the President has made for the courts, for Cabinet positions, etc.

None of this is news, of course, to anyone who attends to America politics of the past four years. But we post the “news” (as verbalized by Mr. Grunwald’s article) here, to speak to why the blog name, Ideology Aside, has become inappropriate.

We have tried. But for now, we have failed.

Ideology Aside is looking for another name.

(($; -)}
*“Cliff Dweller,” by Michael Grunwald. Time, 01/14/2013 [Mr. Grunwald’s paragraph continues thus: “At the time, McConnell famously explained that his top priority was denying Obama a second term, but now he’ll need a new top priority.” However, we shan’t be so impertinent as to quote that portion here.]

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