Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wishful-Thinking Dept.

7 May 2013

As reported today by TPM Livewire, the Chicago Tribune reports that Illinois Republican Party Chairperson Pat Brady resigned today, following a campaign of opposition by fellow Illinois Republicans.

Reports TPM:
“Brady created a stir earlier this year when he came out in support for gay marriage legislation currently pending in the state legislature. The announcement divided the party and resulted in a tense meeting in April where about 50 members demanded Brady step down.

“‘I think there are people in the party who don’t necessarily agree with me, but the point is …. we’re a party that welcomes all ideas,’ Brady said in April. ‘You don’t have to be exactly a platform Republican to be welcome in the party, and that’s the direction we’re taking the party.’*
It takes exceptional Americans to keep America “exceptional.” Kudos to Mr. Brady for his positive, if wishful, thinking.

(($; -)}

Emphasis, ours

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