Tuesday, August 4, 2009

“What About Disallows?”

....The Number-One Question to Ask Your Insurance Company....

You Probably Know the Insurance Term,preexisting condition.” That’s the term insurance companies use to keep from paying for health conditions that you already have.

Another Term for How Your Health-insurance Company rations your medical care is “disallows.”

What Are Disallows?

“Disallows” Are What Your Insurance Company Refuses to Pay For—even if your doctor says it’s part of the medical care you need.

If You Think the “Disallows” that Insurance Company A has are better for you if you need a liver transplant, while the “disallows” that Insurance Company B has are better for you if you have pancreatic cancer, then you are free to choose which policy is better for you and your family.

Which Diseases Are You More-Likely to Get?

If You’ll Get a Heart Condition, then Company C’s policy may be the one for you.

But If Your Child Might Get Muscular Dystrophy, then Company D’s policy may be right.

What's the Best Insurance Policy for Your Particular Family?

Insurance Policies Are Not the Same. You probably like the insurance policy you get from work right now. But what if your policy is not the right one for you? Can you change to a policy that better reflects your family's health-risk factors?

Which Policy Is the Best Insurance Policy to protect you against whatever medical conditions time and circumstances may throw your way?

Is Your Family History the Same as Your Spouse’s? In that case, the same policy–from Company E–may be just right for you.

If Your Family History Includes Cancer, but your spouse’s family has a history of heart disease, you might have to go with a policy from Company F—and hope that neither one of you ever has to use it.

Which Policy Is Best for You and Your Spouse?

And Is the Same One Best for Your Kids?

And the Most-Important Question to Ask Your Insurance Company:

“What Are Your Disallows?”


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