Sunday, August 2, 2009

Why Americans Don't Hate Their Insurance Companies—Yet.

What Makes Most Americans Happy with their health insurance is that they haven’t had cancer or any other major life-changing disease. They haven’t experienced their insurance company “rationing” health care by refusing to pay portions of hospital bills. Such as those items that the insurance company “disallows.”

Your Insurance Company Currently rations your medical care. It gets between you and your hospitals and doctors. The insurance company negotiates what it will pay for and how much they will pay for it.

Your Insurance Company Has a Profit Motive to keep from paying for all the health care that you need.

Those Opposing Health Care Reform Call It “Rationing.” That's how they describe what your insurance company does right now.

What Your Insurance Company Won't Pay, the hospitals and doctors come after you. In the case of life-changing diseases, these unpaid charges can total tens of thousands of dollars, or even more.

But That Hasn't Happened to You Yet. You're still happy with the insurance you have now.

What Will Your Insurance Pay for If You Get Cancer or some other major disease? What will they refuse to pay?

What Will Your Doctor Prescribe for You, that your insurance company won't pay for?

Ask Your Insurance Company about “Disallowed” Items.

Have You Compared These Items with those of other insurance companies, to see which one is better for you? Are you protected for cancer, but not for muscular dystrophy or diabetes? Are you protected for muscular dystrophy, but not for multiple sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease? And how about macular degeneration? Are you covered for that?

You Can’t Know What to Insure Against, until it’s too late.

But Your Insurance Company Has to Insure You in a way that keeps it from going bankrupt–and in fact, your insurance company needs to show a profit of some kind.

And the Doctors and the Hospitals Have to Stay in Business. They can’t just write off all of the charges that insurance companies and patients don’t pay. So they find other, creative ways to spread the cost around.

In America, If You Pay Your Own Medical Bills, you usually pay a lot more than your insurance company pays for the same treatment. Up to 70% more for the same treatment.

Meanwhile, Our Government Pays out the Billions of Dollars in treatment provided for those without insurance.

The System Is Broken. You just don’t know it yet.

Lucky for You, your family is healthy. You don't have any kind of catastrophic medical situation—

At Least Not Yet....


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