Monday, February 8, 2010

A Healthcare Reform Opportunity

After Months of Wrangling, the hard-wrought House and Senate bills are stalled, but America needs healthcare reform. Meanwhile, the Democratic majority balks at moving the current reform bills into law using reconciliation. Passing reform “provisionally” could get around the gridlock.

Under Such a Plan, Democrats could finalize healthcare-reform now,  through the reconciliation process, but pass it with the stipulation that it becomes law only if Congress doesn’t replace it with a better bill within a year. This way, only continued failure of the two political parties to create a bipartisan bill would move the reconciled bill into law.

We Need Healthcare Reform Too Badly for Congress just to throw the current bills away. America cannot afford this kind of government waste. And yet, when it comes to ending gridlock in Congress, nothing has worked.

Using Such a “Provisional” Law, Congress can pass healthcare reform now and end gridlock, one way or another, on behalf of the American people.


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