Saturday, February 6, 2010

If the Democrats Can’t Deliver on HealthCare Reform....

.....Why in the World Should We Vote for Them?

Republicans Govern by “Win/Lose”

When Republicans win, the “haves” keep  what they have. Those who don’t already have....lose. Tax cuts fail to stimulate the economy. “Trickle-down” turns out to be “trickle up.” We enter the Great Depression (1929). Homeless people appear on the streets for the first time (1982). We enter the Great Recession (2007).

It’s the “Spend and Spend” Republicans who gave us all those years of lower taxes for the wealthy, wars not paid for, and a “trickle-down” economy that makes no sense.

History Proves  Republicans Wrong. But that does not deter them. Being wrong never weakens Republican resolve.

Republicans Govern by Winning, regardless of the cost to the American people, and to our children and to grandchildren. The record on budget deficits over the past 30 years is clear. The record on who brings on great depressions and great recessions is clear. But the “spend and spend” Republicans keep on rolling along. The Republicans keep blaming the Democrats for  messes that Republicans create. They argue  conservatism and fiscal responsibility, while driving the economy and the American people into the ground.

Republicans Govern by “Win/Lose.” And they do “Win/Lose” very, very well.

Democrats Govern by “Win/Win”

To Democrats, if Everybody Just Agrees, Everyone Wins. Democrats don’t like to stick their necks out, so they constantly seek a matter how horrible a mess the predecessor administrations have made out of things. The Democrats just need that little bit of agreement....such as a filibuster-proof Congress or a few Republicans to go along. Or else one vote shy of a filibuster-proof majority, so that they have someone else to blame their failures on.

Take the “Dare” of the Filibuster

No Wonder the Republicans Accuse Democrats of not being tough-enough: the Republicans, you will remember, would not let Bernie Sanders introduce an amendment to the healthcare bill without making him read the entire document on the Senate floor. Sen. Sanders read a few hundred pages and then threw in the towel. The amendment did not move forward.

When Was the Last Time the Democrats Made a Republican carry through on a filibuster threat? Did you see it on C-Span? 

The Democrats Have Good Policies for America, but Democrats are spineless. Democrats are more afraid of making enemies—whether with the American electorate or within the halls of Congress—than they are of letting America fall deeper and deeper into the Great Recession. Farther and farther behind in the technology race for alternative energy. Smaller and smaller as a force for good on the global stage in this new, twenty-first century.

Republican Policies Are Disastrous for America. But Republicans will see their policies through. Republicans will win. No matter the cost to America and the Americans.

The American People Want 
Leadership that “Wins”

Come November, if the Democrats have added a cowardly failure at passing healthcare reform, to the arguably unpopular effort of promoting healthcare reform, then the Democrats are sunk. The Republicans will win enough seats in Congress, so that the Democrats can wring their hands and say, “See? It’s not our fault? What can we do?”

America Will Be Back in the Hands of the tough, hardened, ideologically driven and wrong, “Just Say No!” Republicans.

No “Filibuster.”

No “Just Say Yes! for America.”

People Will Continue to Die from the Failure of Healthcare.

And Thats Just “Lose/Lose/Lose” for America:
Any Way You Look at It.


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