Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ask Your Neighbor!™

This Week: The “Job Creation” Issue

As We All Know, jobs in America are created by high-income citizens, which President Obama identifies as those Americans earning more than $250,000 per year. Over the last ten years, high-income Americans have been responsible for creating the jobs that have driven our economy to its current heights.

But We Also Know that somehow all these new jobs created during the past ten years have not been quite enough to keep the unemployment rate below acceptable levels.

So What Gives? “Ask Your Neighbor !™” wants you to find out.

Here Is This Week’s Assignment:

1) Go outside right now and drop by one of your high-income neighbors next-door. Ring or knock politely at the front door, and wait for them to invite you inside.

2) Once you are inside and have exchanged the preliminary courtesies, ask you neighbor if he or she minds your asking him or her a few questions.

3) Assuming that he or she gives permission, here are this week’s questions for you to ask:
Question A: If ten years of the so-called Bush tax cuts have not encouraged you to create enough jobs for America, what’s the holdup?
Question B: What is it about Year 11 that has held up job creation until this important year?
Question C: Are you currently hiring any additions to your household domestic staff?

4) Report your findings to “Ask Your Neighbor!™” before midnight tonight.

5) If the answer to question “C” is affirmative, please report your findings sooner.

Thanks Once Again for Playing America’s Favorite Good-Neighbor Activity:

“Ask Your Neighbor!


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