Monday, November 22, 2010

Maybe Now Is America's Time to Enter:

The New-Technology Energy Race

America Needs to Focus on the severity of the “good jobs” issue in relation to America’s future. In a sense, the two sides of the political divide are like a couple of vicious canines, and the size of the bone that we are fighting over is shrinking dramatically.

This Is a Systemic Issue, in that none of the cures seem to be within the reach of corporations, and corporate competition makes it tremendously challenging for individuals or small groups to make the difference, even as we Americans, as a people, refuse to use our biggest tool—government—while what we are competing against is the entire economies of other nations.

The Speed with Which a Private Company (Whole Foods makes an excellent example) can grow and change things is not fast-enough in relation to what is going on in much of the rest of the world.

For Example, China
is no longer really a “developing nation.” Given that their economy is poised to overtake America’s as the world’s largest, the Chinese are laughing at our idea of them as an under-developed nation.

And Other Parts of the World are taking back their American-educated citizens and putting them to work at home: in India, in the Middle East, in Brazil, etc.

In Europe, They Laugh at America as a second-world nation. They are leaving us behind in the dust. And it’s not just the French who are laughing.

While Europeans Have their own economic issues these days, they are taking those issues in hand, by cutting spending. But unlike America, they are not cutting their own tax income at the same time. (Only Americans seem to believe that cutting your income helps get you out of debt.)

Europe Is Finding Ways to Move Forward in developing new jobs, through developing New-Energy Technology. Europe has joined the eNTER: race against China. And they are not waiting for us to catch up.

What Makes the Current  Round Different than earlier ones is that  for business/economic growth  this time, our large, international corporations can continue to grow and to enjoy record levels of profits, but they do it using only jobs that are created abroad.

Meanwhile, America (which currently still makes more buggy-whip-equivalents than anyone else) is focusing all of its energy on cutting costs (i.e., trimming the deficit).

In Your Family Life, if you are unemployed, your don’t just cut costs. You have to focus on finding new work. And no one likes living on credit-cards and savings (i.e., deficit-spending). And yes, you need to cut your expenses, such as the cable TV and the lattes (which is what earmarks are).

But When Your Income Is Too-Low (the way we have starved our government’s income over the last decade, as well as losing citizen income by shipping good-paying jobs overseas), then you really need to come up with a new income plan.

While China and the Rest of the BRIC Nations race away with the New Technology Economy (NTE), America just focuses on its taxes and its deficits.

So Far, America Has Stayed out of eNTER: the New-Technology Energy Race.

We Need to Focus on changes America can make to how we stimulate new-technology industry. America needs NTE: a New Technology Economy.

America Needs to:

Meanwhile, the Coffee Party
wants to reform campaign contributions. As if this will somehow stimulate America in a race for the next technologies.

Meanwhile, the Tea Party wants to take back a government that it keeps useless in the economic battle with the rest of the world. As if Boeing can compete successfully, head-to-head with the entire nation of China.

Are We Really Willing to Let China build the first lunar base on the Moon? Is America really ready to let India or Brazil send the first manned mission to Mars?

Around the World, Other Governments have gotten involved. While the Soviet Union went broke trying to mix a dictatorship and communism, the ancient civilization that is China has found a way to mix a dictatorship with capitalism. And China is eating America’s lunch.

Without Some Kind of Floor under Energy Price
s (to give eNTER: an environment in which it can create manufacturing jobs) or without some sort of government seed money (such as NASA gave to so many American industries in the 1960s and beyond), America would keep losing the eNTER: race. And not just to the BRIC nations.
In Case Americans Haven’t Noticed Yet:
Europe and the Chinese have already figured eNTER: out.

What Else Could Get Historic Enemie
s such as Britain and France and Germany and Italy to unite as one entity?

It’s Okay to Laugh at the French
all we want to. But France has high-speed trains and wind farms all over the place. That’s energy-use reductions, fewer new cars clogging highways, new-technology jobs, and a better quality of life over all.

While We Americans Are Bickering over Coffee and Tea over here, the European Union is busy putting its financial house back in order, while working toward winning their own share of the NTE. (Spain already is a leader in building wind turbines. While not one wind turbine in America is built in America. For that matter, how many of America’s cell phones was actually built here in America?)

If Only We Could Get the Rest of the World’s Governments to stay out of the NTE race, maybe America wouldn’t be falling so far behind.

And Maybe We, the People, would be creating good-paying, factory jobs.

Or Are We Really Going to Let China and Europe put the first permanent colony on the moon, send the first manned mission to Mars, and keep leading the way in winning eNTER: The New-Technology Energy Race?

America’s Next Race to Win


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