Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tea Party People: Spoiled Kindergarteners or Angry Adolescents?

Over the Past Year, I have spent a good deal of time on a Topix forum titled, Tea Party Rallies: ‘Impeach Obama’. At first, I found it interesting to read the vehement, anti-Obama sentiments, all of which seem to be based on a set of imaginary grievances.

My Purpose for continuing to visit this site is the same as what I do here: I work to clarify some of the ideologically beclouded thinking which seems inimical to the best prospects for our shared future, and which seem to be running America’s greatness into the ground.

My Struggle, as I See It, is to help wean America from its intellectually lazy and easy ideological blindness. We need to winnow out the fallacies that drive both sides, Left and Right. If we can get more of this “chaff” out of the way, then, left with the “wheat” grains of valid opinion that remain, we can choose among them, try different courses of action, and restore American preeminence—from a jingoist slogan (“Americans are the champions!”) to a fact-based reality—before it’s too late.

Otherwise, We Can Leave our preeminence prospects to China or India.

It’s Our Choice....

Here Is a Link to my Topix post:

You Might Find some of the other posts there insightful.

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